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This page will give you a glimpse on who Rain is, how he started, his achievements, awards won, and his basic outlook in life. Pictures of him to drool over are also inluded in this page. Proper credits will be given to the original researcher of the stories and/or write-ups.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rain At Cha Tae-Hyun's Wedding

SK Telecom World Cup ad in a building

Saturday, May 27, 2006

0605_Japan magazine_K popstar issue No.7

Sunday, May 21, 2006

ING Concert Pics - Part 1

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Naver News new pics

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pepsi Pictures

Gift for Rain

Rain's New Album - Freeway

TTL Pictures

Monday, March 20, 2006

3rd Feb 06 "Fuji TV –Kantame" interview

Host: Thinking back now, do you have any moments when you feel that "this is a really difficult time for me".

RAIN: Yes. Back in 1999 Up till high school, I grew up in a wealthy family. But when I was in the third year of high school, my family began to go downhill. We were facing some very difficult times financially we didn't even have enough to provide proper medical treatment for mother who was seriously sick. Mum passed away shortly. Thereafter, Dad, sis and all went our separate ways I started living in the dance studio. During the coldest time of the winter, I slept on a bed with no blankets. After practices, I'd go to sleep all sweaty without wiping. I couldn't even afford to eat then, so bathing was not of consideration.

For five days, I led a life with no money for food and no blankets on my bed. That was a really painful experience. Going against the emptiness in my stomach with will and determination. That experience became my fuel to persist on even today. It pushes me to work hard and preserver. There was also times during Christmas when I had cold sores because I didn't go for warm bathes. Now, no matter what problems I face, just thinking back on the memories reduces all difficulties to nothing.

Host: Can you share your current ambitions and long-term dreams with us? No matter as "Rain" or as yourself.

RAIN: You can only live once. So I am afraid of failures, and I will pursue success relentlessly. Because you cannot turn back time, so I want to work hard every second of my life. If I always think in this way, naturally the number of dreams I have will increase! At first, my dream is to do my dance well. After this has been realized, the next step is to sing well. This dream has been fulfilled too. The third dream is to become a singer, follow by the fourth dream of getting awards, and the fifth dream, to open bigger markets. Just like that, my dreams became more and more until now. Of course not just success, I also remind myself not to become arrogant.

Host: What can be achieved just based on a single person? How far can you go?

Rain: I want to try. When I die, I will look back and see how much have I failed, and how much have I achieved?

Doesn' matter which one is more. I just want to feel that I have been doing my best to lead my life well. As long as it's something I can do, I want to do, I want to challenge it. I want to challenge the impossible

Credit: Baidu.com// jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: moritayoshi@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain's evaluation of various parts of his body:

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Hair: I like black hair. Have it straightened, with a few strands of blond in between—cute and manly at the same time. Because I'm busy with work and sometimes may neglect to groom my hair, so I've fallen in love with hats. Firstly, to cover the unruly hair, and secondly, I think I'm pretty good-looking wearing hats!

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Eyes: When I was young, I hated my eyes. There were many times when I wanted to go get my double eyelids surgically done, but the plastic surgeon felt that my small eyes were kind special, so he won't do it for me. Who would know that these pair of eyes helped many people to remember me? Now to think of it, it’s lucky I go through the operation.

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Hands: It is important for dancers to protect their hands. To fully communicate the rhythm and essence of a song and a dance performance, every part of the body must be flexible and agile, the hand is no exception. I wonder if everybody realized this, but my fingers are very pointed. If I don't become a singer, maybe I would have become a great pianist! *Laughs*

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Waist: Shoulders, waist, butt, legs, feet -- these are the five crucial parts for any dancer, which should be protected like the dancer protects his life! But very often, they are problematic. When dancing, it is important to "open" your joints, and these joints are very vulnerable to injuries. When I first started dancing, I sprained my waist or leg almost every day. I had no idea using so much strength would result in injuries. Nowadays, when I perform on stage, some people will ask me how come my waist is so flexible. This is of course, the result of long-term training. There's also health elements here. For the sake of your health, everybody should also take note to train their bodies.

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Forehead: When I was young, I often hear the adults say that people with high foreheads are very smart, and these people tend to be fast-learners. At that time, I thought I was doomed for life. My forehead is not high, so I probably will be terrible at school, and probably never learn anything well! In the end, it seems the adults' prophecy was fulfilled in me. Honestly speaking, my academic results were not very good. This is especially after I started becoming obsessed with dancing. I skipped classes almost every day. My results were horrible, but my dancing foundations were doing great instead. From this, it shows that I'm not stupid at everything. So even without a high forehead, as long as you practice doubly hard every day, you can still succeed.

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Nose: I have quite a pretty nose. Look at my side-profile, isn't my nose nice and straight? I had a nose bridge surgical procedure done, and at that time, many fans were very worried. Everyone, please don't worry. I am very healthy. Please take care of your health too!

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Mouth: Friends around me all say I have very full lips, and they look very sexy. Of course I'm very happy. Although I pretend to be very shy in front of them, but when I am alone at home, I'm secretly very gleeful about it.

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Shoulder: I think men should have a pair of shoulders that allow women to lean with security. If I have a girlfriend, I will give all my love to her. I won't make her cry, upset her or allow her to get hurt. I'll block all wind and rain for her with my broad shoulders.

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Leg: I'm tall, so my limbs are naturally long. When I have meals with friends, I don't have to worry about not being able to grab the goodies before they're all gone! *Laughs*

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rain Underwear Story

(Hostel part)

Kim: Is this your hostel?
Rain: It's my hostel

Kim: How long has it been since you've stepped into this place?
Rain: About a month plus

Kim: A month?
Rain: Yes, so when I bathe I'll use my feet and step on the underwear, wash them like this (demo plus hand movements)

Kim: Ah, so as you bathe, you also wash your underwear
Rain: Yup. When you bathe, the soap water flows down your body to your feet, so you can conveniently wash the underwear as well

Kim: I see!
Rain: Yes, then you don't have to wash your feet. You can rub them clean with the underwear.

Kim: Ah, Rain must use dance steps to bathe, don't you?
Music starts, Rain demos "shower dance". Kim laughs. Rain finishes off his "shower dance" with a sexy look.

Kim: Is this your luggage?
Rain: Yup

Kim begin to investigate the content. Rain tries to stop him
Kim: No matter what hyung does, you just sit quietly beside me and watch, ok?

Rain: (Clutches onto his luggage) Hyung, hyung...
Kim pulls away Rain's hands, ask him to let go

Rain: These are socks. I haven't got time to wash them, so I prepare more of them.
Kim: Ah, socks. I see you like these sexy socks (pulls out his underwears. Rain quickly snatches them over and hide them)

Kim: (Pointing to red underwear): I can see everything
Rain: (As he hides underwear away) These are...

Kim: These are the underwear you wash with your feet?
Rain: Yup

Kim: (Holding socks held together by rubber bands) Did you do these yourself?
Rain: Cute eh? I bought the rubber bands to tie them together.

Kim: There are spare ones too
Rain: I'm very meticulous. And very honest. Also...
(Takes out simple workout equipment from bag)

Rain: To save money, I always have my workout equipment with me (laughs)
Rain: This is for when you are watching TV. You train your biceps like that..

Kim: Ah, so the muscles are not from your usual training, but from crash workouts for the concerts (laughs)
Rain: (laughs) Yup. From crash workouts for the concert

Kim: So you're at the concert. Just before going onstage...
Rain picks up equipment and do a last minute crash workout (Laughs)

Kim: Then...ah. We've seen everything today...
Kim: (Takes out a notebook from bag and looks at the cover) I thought it's JY Park...haha
Rain: They're ballet dancers. I heard they only sleep 4-5 hours a day, training for near 20 hours. So that's how they practice, and I use this to push myself.

Kim: Ah, I see. You haven't have time to go home. When you look at the luggage, do you lonely?
Rain: Yes, very lonely. First and foremost, I feel very tired, working outside is very tiring. This is when I think of my fans and family. I have to work hard for the sake of my fans and my family. Regardless of whether I succeed or fail, I will go on...the music plays...